After years of attrition of British sovereignty, the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union was marked by hesitancy and capitulation. Patriotic people were angered by the defective vision, selfish interests and lack of direction of the Government. Added to the absence of a credible Opposition, new political parties formed to counter the untenable situation.

To assure the success of that ambition, the Alliance for Democracy and Freedom Party embarked on talks with numerous independent councillors, independent council groups and parties who are all agreed on a one-party approach. That campaign culminated in the Belmont Declaration in Leicester on 25th September 2021.

The core principles of the Belmont Declaration are :

  • the British electorate deserve a truly representative democracy
  • the Parliamentary election process, through the nature of the first-past-the-post voting, leads to the drowning out of alternative voices, and denies the British electorate a realistic opportunity to vote as they truly wish
  • the 'duopoly' of Conservative and Labour rule creates excess power in Westminster and policy swings which are not conducive to stable develoment and implementation of policy broadly supported within the UK electorate
  • Whitehall exercises a stranglehold over elected Governments' implementation of policy, and must be reformed, starting at the most senior levels
  • corruption and sleaze in both Westminster and Whitehall must be rooted out
  • British society has been adversely affected by the rise of minority voices seeking to silence and override majority viewpoints, and this should be constrained and in some cases reversed

Signatories to the Belmont Declaration call on all non-mainstream political parties to unite in a single "challenger party", with a view to breaking the Labour and Conservative stranglehold.

Constructive discussion will lead to the establishment of an agreed inclusive policy platform which appeals to the majority of the British electorate.

A decision on which challenger party will stand against Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats will made by consensus of signatories to the Belmont Declaration.

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