Real Democracy

The UK electoral system with its historical anachronism of first-past-the-post "Winner Takes All" is not a fair voting system.

It distorts the choices made by the electorate, denying them the opportunity to vote for who they really want to, through fear that doing so will let in a party they really oppose. In reality it changes the choice from 'who I do I want' to 'who must I vote for to keep XX out".

That is not a fair democratic system and it entrenches the Labour vs Tory see-saw. Just look at how little impact the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party have had.

So NOW is the time for alternative voices to unite behind a single party, and put an end to the sham democracy we are forced to endure. ALLIANCE have invited a number of political parties to sign up to the Belmont Declaration. We will bring you news of those joining.

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